Trending Update Blog on Praveen kenneth Elohim

Trending Update Blog on Praveen kenneth Elohim

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Praveen Kenneth is an Indian Advertising & Media Entrepreneur and the Founder of the popular Law & Kenneth Worldwide and Founder/Chairman of Elohim & Kenneth Ventures Pvt. Ltd

. At the age of 29, he ended up being the youngest-ever CEO of the French media and advertising powerhouse, the US$ 10 Billion Publicis Groupe's Indian operations. At that time, he was supervising the group's operations in the Indian sub-continent. In 2004, Praveen carried on to become an entrepreneur and together with Andy Law of St. Luke's, established his own interactions agency with investment support from Dame Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop, London. He introduced Law & Kenneth Worldwide in the UK and India.

Within a couple of years, Law & Kenneth broadened its operations to 18 locations around the globe and by 2014, Law & Kenneth was the biggest independent agency in India managing the best of Global and Indian clients. At this point in 2014, Praveen chose to partner with Publicis Groupe and formed Law & Kenneth/Saatchi & Saatchi in India.

With this collaboration, he relocated to be on the Board of Saatchi & Saatchi Asia/Pacific. In 2017, he moved out of advertising with his final sale of Law & Kenneth to Publicis Groupe, and went on to create Elohim & Kenneth, a New Media and AI/ Data Focused Venture Fund, through which he continues to be involved with the industry. He is also currently mentoring and purchasing young start-ups in the AI and Media business.

Praveen's enthusiasm to build and support ingenious organisations has actually assisted in developing strong organizations and renowned brands, with the deal with lots of still being thought about the standard of the industry. His ability to bring simpleness and clearness to intricate obstacles dealt with by corporates, brands and organizations has actually brought him popularity and regard in the market.

Ever the evangelist for the new world, he has actually constantly supported undeviating faith in the ability of people to make the Praveen kenneth Entrepreneur impossible possible!

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